Reducing Trauma to Your Body Could Save Your Life. Watch how we test to measure for trauma.
When is comes to body armor penetration is not the only thing that you have to worry about. The actually impact and the trauma to the body from the focus of impact, can cause server injury or even death. Thats why DFNDR Armor is not just designed to stop the threat, because that isn’t good enough. You have to make sure that when the bullet hits the armor the Trauma, or the back face deformation that the bullet creates to the body is significantly reduced.
Our technology disperses the energy away from your body in two ways.
1 – FibrCor Technology: when the bullet impacts the armor, the energy is distributed lateral over the plate.
2 – The Reactive Foam: when the bullet hits the armor, instead of the energy going toward the body and creating trauma; the advanced reactive foam moves the energy away from your body.
*How is testing simulated to measure trauma to the human body?*
The most accurate way to test for trauma is to test against a specialized clay to simulate the human body. The clay is a non utoneian fluid, a roma pasta lena number one clay. It is the most highly sophisticated way to test body armor.
Its extremely important that the clay is prepped and tested carefully.
We control the temperature of the clay to simulate the temperature of the human body; we do this with two thermal probes, creating a hysteresis so its conditioned for several hours before we test with is.
DFNDR Armor has a double curve to it, making it the most aeronautic armor you’ll ever wear. Thats why we use a curved clay template against the clay block, to make sure we accurately measure back face deformation. To ensure that the clay is calibrated we’ll make three indentations to MIL spec. After we make our three drops, we’ll use our bridge calibrator to measure the indentation – we have measuring in at 24 mm.
The reason why reducing trauma is going to change the way the industry looks at armor. It because, other armor designs are mainly tested against penetration, and a very old spec against reducing trauma. But what we did is take it above and beyond to make sure that our plate has a much lower trauma then any other system out there.
We offer our body armor products to civilians, law enforcement and the military.