April 20, 2016 Video NEWS ALERT!
Independent Review of DFNDR’s Level III+ Rifle Plate:
The Daily Shooter from California reviews the DFNDR Armor Level III+ Rifle Plate! His enthusiasm brings to life the importance, value and quality of our lightweight armor systems.
The Daily Shooter (William) talks about his experience of wearing body armor. He also shoots a DFNDR Armor plate and talks about the incredible differences versus other armor systems; for example, the advantage of protecting yourself with state-of-the-art body armor and the tactical/physical advantages which DFNDR gives you.
Body Armor TEST: The Daily Shooter fires 9 rounds of a variety of rifle ammunition at a DFNDR Level III+ plate. Rounds fired include the following:
(1) 5.56×45 .223 55 GR FMJ (Fiocchi)
(1) 5.56×45 XM193 55 GR FMJ (Federal)
(1) 5.56×45 .223 50 GR (American Eagle)
(1) 5.56×45 .223 60 GR Hollow Point (Winchester Defender)  2750 ft./s
(1) 5.56×45 MSR 62 GR Soft Tip Round (Fusion) 2750 ft./s
(1) 5.56×45 53 GR V-Max (Hornaday) 3500 ft./s
(3) 5.56×45 XM193 55 GR FMJ (Federal)
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The Daily Shooters Independent review of DFNDR Armor Level III+ Rifle plate protection

The Daily Shooters Independent review of DFNDR Armor Level III+ Rifle Plate Protection