Selecting the right size for your DFNDR stand-alone hard armor plates and plate carriers is crucial for ensuring optimal protection and comfort. To determine the correct fit for your needs, start by measuring your body or the intended user's chest circumference at its widest point. This measurement will help you choose the appropriate plate carrier size. Next, consider the dimensions of the hard armor plates you require. Our sizing chart provides detailed measurements for our various plate sizes. Match your body measurements and preferences with the corresponding plate carrier size and hard armor plate dimensions to make an informed choice. This simple measuring process will help you find the perfect fit, ensuring that your protective gear is comfortable and capable of offering the best possible defense.


Ensuring the right fit is paramount for both performance and comfort. To determine the ideal size, we recommend using a tape measure and caliper to take precise measurements. It's essential that the wearer is seated in an upright position for accurate measurements. For guidance on where to take these measurements, refer to the provided illustrations, which indicate the correct measuring points.

Keep in mind that if any of your measurements happen to fall on the dividing line between sizes, we recommend selecting the larger size. This approach guarantees that your gear provides optimal protection and comfort.


To ensure you select the perfect size of armor insert for your backpack, it's essential to accurately measure your backpack's main compartment. Begin by measuring the width, height, and depth of the interior space. Be sure to take these measurements at the widest and tallest points of the compartment to ensure a precise fit. Once you have these dimensions, refer to the sizing chart below that provides the measurements of the armor inserts we offer. Match your backpack's dimensions with the closest size available in our chart to determine the right armor insert to purchase. This simple measuring process will help you find the ideal fit, ensuring your backpack and its contents remain well-protected.