This video is about the threat that our plate is tested too, and the special threats that our DFNDR Armor Level III+ rifle plate is tested and certified to by the NIJ.

DFNDR Armor Level III+ Hard Body Armor Rifle Plate plates stops the following threats.

  • 7.62×51 mm M80 Threat.
  • 7.62×39mm MSC Russian
  • 7.62×39mm MSC Chinese
  • 5.56x45mm M193

The reason why the 55.6x45mm M193 threat is so devastating. Its actually smaller, lighter weight, but travelers at a much higher velocity. The muzzle velocity of the 55.6x45mm M193 is anywhere from 3150 to 3200 feet per second. Its extremely fast, much faster then the 7.62×51mm M80.

This is what every single level III armor system stops. The 7.62×51mm M80.

Its a steel jacket lead core bullet. Very devastating. it travels fast. It has a high impact of energy, creates a lot of deformation, and trauma tot he body.

DFNDR armor stops the 7.62×51mm M80.

This is the 7.62×39mm MSC Chinese Threat. The reason this is so devastating is because it has a steel core in it. As opposed to most other threats that are lead core. The 7.62×39mm MSC Chinese would have much more penetrative capability that the 7.62×51mm M80.