FibrCor Technology is comprised of three main aspects:
1. Material
2. Process
3. Integration

The type of performance that DFNDR Armor has is next generation armor that has never been seen before. Starting off with the material; we use the most advanced ballistics composites in the world. Working with Honeywell Composites gives us a distinctive advantage to making the highest performance body armor plates you’ll ever wear. The core of DFNDR Armor is made with an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber-based composite. That includes millions of strands of Fiber bonded together with a resin matrix.

Next is the process, which a huge factor that makes DFNDR Armor so great. We meticulously monitor every single one of our processes to ensure that every single armor piece is made exactly same way. That is very important to ensure consistent test results in every DNFDR Armor plate.

It’s not just about the ballistic material, but also about the non-ballistic ancillary materials that support the entire system altogether. The whole system working synergistically with the complete integration is what makes DFNDR Armor the best available.

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