DFNDR Armor Level III+ Rifle Plates is NIJ Certified. 

It’s important to make sure that any armor design, especially if it is going against your body is NIJ certified; because it is tested to specifications that are above and beyond what any person could imagine an armor plate could go through. 

That includes environmental testing, weather-remote testing, the plate is dropped to make sure if it impacts a hard surface it doesn’t get damaged. Its dunked in water to make it will work if it is exposed to that type of element. 

It’s of course then tested to make sure it not only stops the threat but that the trauma is within certain tolerances, that your body and take the shot. A lot of armor systems are not NIJ certified, it’s important that you thoroughly understand the body armor system you are purchasing. For example, level IIIA plates and variants such as level III+ or level III++ are all independently certified because NIJ does not offer a certification for these.  

Developing DFNDR Armor:

A lot of development went into this plate. Even though DFNDR Armor is tested to NIJ standards, we go above and beyond to make sure we not only meet NIJ specifications but that we exceed NIJ specs.

For example, the maximum trauma that the NIJ certifies 44mm. DFNDR armor plate against a 7.62x51mm M80 was tested with results of under 30mm average for back deformation to the body.  This reduction is significant and the lightest weight system in the industry with that low of trauma to the body.