Above and beyond our number one priority at DFNDR Armor is absolute quality in our products. Everything in terms of how DFNDR Armor is developed has be done in house. Not only the actually manufacturing the product, but our design and testing is completed at our facilities.

We have our own private ballistic lab where we test our armor to standards above and beyond NIJ standards.

Body Armor Testing

We are testing the DFNDR Level III+ Hard Body Armor Plate.

For accurate firing, we’re using a universal receiver, and for these shot’s we’ll be using our 7.62x39mm barrel.

To accurately measure velocity we are using our Oehler model 57 Screens.

These are the screens that are used at any NIJ testing lab and also military labs. Our chronographs work with our inferred screens to measure feet per second.

To ensure that we hit our target precisely, we have our laser pointed down range through the barrel to hit our target exactly where we need to test the armor.

We’ll be testing the 7.62x39mm MSC Russian.

We’re going to load the bullet in the barrel. Screw on our universal receiver.


Backface deformation is 17.6mm. Negligible. Obviously there is not penetration because we know that we can stop the 7.62x39mm MSC Russian. We have fired thousands of rounds to ensure that every single product is performing constantly every single time.

DFDNR Armor Level III+ Plate is the ultimate body armor protection available. It stops level III threats, 7.62x39mm MSC Chinese and the Russian. It also stops, the 5.56x45mm M193.